Full Face




Lip (upper and lower)           10

Chin                                    12

Neck                                    15 

Eyebrow Cleanup                  15-20

Eyebrow Shape                    25

Eyebrow Tweeze                    15-20

Under arms                      25

Arms Lower                      25

Bikini wax                          39

popular beverly hills… keratin lash lift

and curl to your natural lashes,

the results are truly stunning!    lasts 6-8 weeks                                        

lotions are applied by a licensed cosmetologist.  115

IMPORTANT INFO: For 24 HOURS after Lash Lift Client cannot get lashes wet, wear mascara, swim, hot tub or hot yoga as this may effect the longevity of your lash lift.                     

Keratin Mascara  


available in clear or black, helps to nourish and promote eyelash growth


Keratin Lash Lift With A Microdermabrasion/PEEL or Glow & go Mini facial! 

 A fabulous combination Beautiful lashes and glowing skin! 

Mini Glow & Go                          145

 Microdermabrsion with a Peel     175

 offers can not be combined with any other discounts