FACIALS                                                miCRODERMABRASION and PEELS


         diAMONDS ARE A.....



                      Diamond tip microdermabrasion Improves the tone and texture of your skin, acne                             scares, enlarged pores and fine lines.

                      Cleanse, Diamond tip microdermabrasion,  customized antioxidant serum,  hydration                          and    sun protection.        

                      20 min


         customized peels.....


                      Lactic, Glycolic or Salicylic Peels

                      Peels remove dead skin cells, reduce finelines, hyperpigmentation (brown spots)

                      treats breakouts, acne scares and  Improves the texture and tone of your skin.

                      Cleanse, micro polish, customized peel, hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer.

                      20 min


         Express Mini Glow and Go!


                     Great pick me up for that last minute date night or special event! 

                     Cleanse, micro polish exfoliation, custom serum and hydration.

                      Add a lip treatment for $10

                      20 min



         express bar SERVICE menu is only           offereD AT the Fair Oaks location




Customized Facial
45 minutes

This effective personally tailored treatment designed for treating breakouts and black heads, includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and skin specific masque.

teen & Tween clean and clear


40 minutes

Designed for treating acne, breakouts and blackheads. This treatment will help clear and heal existing acne. Deep double pore-cleansing, extractions, exfoliation and custom masque. 


sensitive soothing facial

45 minutes

Gentle cleanse with a light polish followed by a soothing mask - ideal for dry, dehydrated or rosacea-prone skin. Recommended for calming and healing skin with a dramatic increase in moisture. Extractions included.


caviar lux european facial

Anti-Aging Deep Relaxation
75 minutes

Tailored to your specific needs to provide the maximum benefit, this anti-aging facial transforms the skin as it firms, hydrates, refines and tones. It features a relaxing heated bed with facial, neck, shoulder and a hydrating foot massage with warm booties. Extractions included.    


Metro Men's Refining Treatment

45 minutes

This deep-cleansing and revitalizing facial experience is designed specifically for the needs of men’s skin, including exfoliation,  extractions and warm steamed towels. 

 Aesthetics by Cherrie, Customized Facials
 Skin Care for Men in Fair Oaks